A Long Time Coming

It was like coming up for air.

Like the slow coming back to life after the hardest winter.

The exhale when your plane is allowed to descend out of a never-ending holding pattern. Put there for your safety and ultimate good but leaves you feeling slightly wobbly on landing.

Almost like being put on time-out instead of a ‘wait here’ directive.

This ability to blog once more has been a long time coming. Sidelined for the last two years by Lyme Disease. And believe me when I say sidelined. It can steal every small part of your day, strength, mental function. And replace it with constant pain, physical and mental paralysis, wildly unbelievable symptoms you can’t make up, and the inability to most definitely rest. And the way your body heals from it? Just as painful, it turns out.

So only one of the biggest battles I’ve ever faced.

But nothing is bigger than our God.

And when He rolled back the stone from the tomb, He invited us to come back to life with His Son. That nothing would ever be big enough to separate us from our loving Father. That death has lost. And Life has won.

Thirty second victory dance at this good news wherever you happen to be! Right now. Go.

So it is only by a series of events and solutions, that I can resolutely declare were totally from God, that I sit here on the other side of this valley feeling my health return and knowing that the hardest moments were also the moments He became my all in all. And He has wasted none of the journey, as awful as it was, but has transformed it into something so much bigger.

I might go into that more over the next weeks and months but here’s what I’m craving now as I watch His holy release over my routines and daily life.

I’m craving community.

I want to meet here with all of you. Find ways to celebrate all our victories, big and small. Feature good words, good music, all the good things you’re doing. Connect. Share our battles and share our worries. Lift each other up and build friendship. Engage.

Over at the blog’s About Page I mention giving back and paying forward. This is something I’m so excited about! Let’s create community!

And a ton of small ways to connect over the Word! So I’ll be leading a series of Deep Dives where we break down His truths more fully and break out of the cliches. Small bites that will nourish our week and give our spiritual walk some traction.

As the tagline states in the banner above, I can’t hardly wait for us all to do life together.

Come and see where we’re creating community online right now:

8 Replies to “A Long Time Coming”

  1. I’m so happy you’re finally starting to feel better and that you’re back doing what it is that you do, oh so very well!
    This year is going to be a great year for you, Christine…I can just feel it, can’t you?

    1. Your support means more than you know, Laurie! Thank you, thank you! Good things are happening indeed! 🙂

  2. So glad to read your words again, Christine! I hear Lyme Disease is absolutely horrible, I’m sorry you’ve been facing that. Praise God for being your All in All! Looking forward to “seeing you around” more often in this virtual world!

    1. I really am looking forward to reconnecting with all my friends online again! It’s been super hard to be away!

    1. I am stepping back into things with a new appreciation for moving slowly and enjoying the journey but also a new appreciation for community! Thanks for your continued support, Jon! It’s very much appreciated!

  3. Wow, what a difficult journey you’ve come through. Happy to read your writing again, you are a talented & effective communicator.

    Blessings Christine!

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