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I think so many of us are craving community.


Our busy schedules and very real lives keep us isolated more than we think.

So when I thought about returning to blogging after a year and a half, and was now craving community in a fresh way, I asked myself a simple question.

How can this be a space that serves and creates community?

The answer was pretty simple.

Be a place that gives back and pays it forward.

This is going to be a place for reviews, free gifts, conversation, inspiration. Books, movies, music, art.

A space for weekly “Deep Dives.” Our virtual Word study. Where we avoid scripture-surfing and instead explore in small bites, the truths and promises He lays out for us in His Word. When I spoke to friends about how to better absorb scripture, we all agreed that limited time is our hurdle.

But one verse a week, with its intent and meaning broken up with a few sentences a day? Now we’re talking.

And speaking of talking, I want to share your comments and words with others. We’re going to feature each other, celebrate each other, honor each other, build each other up.

This will be that blog. The blog that invites, builds up, and creates belonging.

Hey new friend?

Will you help us create community?

I can’t wait for us all to do life together.

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8 Replies to “About The Blog”

  1. The whole “less than fine” thing you’re doing here? I love it so much. Because our society is most comfortable with people being happy, good, and above all, fine. When you are not this way, you are encouraged to GET this way–and now. And in answer to your questions–“Will you hash all this out with me? Will you be transparent with me? Will you cling to His promises with me?”–I answer a hearty and heartfelt, “YES!” 🙂

    1. It’s so true, Elizabeth. People mean well, and it’s so hard to get that this is not a “willpower, mind over matter” kind of issue. It’s so much more than that. Thank the Lord that He knows every inch of us, and has powerful promises for us, even on the hard, messy, days!
      So thankful for you today!!!

  2. Hi Christine! I loved your words today on Bethany’s blog as well as I love your focus on your mind wellness as it connects to your faith. I’m on a similar but slightly different path assisting those with mind, body and soul wellness. Kudos to you to share your journey, I look forward to continuing the journey with you!

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