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Get Away From Home To Connect With Your Teen Son ~ My Guest Post Over at The Mob Society.

Guest post for TheMOBSociety

I remember when my son began high school thinking that life suddenly felt like paddling upstream.

I watched as he went from a trusting, easy-going kid to an overwhelmed, slightly stressed, in-flux-kid. One minute he wanted to do everything on his own, the next he was frustrated that he had to, all while testing who he was supposed to be in this new world.

And by the end of his first year and the approach of summer, all I could think was how I was going to get to know this “new guy” in my house?

Before, all I had to do was get out the Star Wars Legos and he’d chat and joke and think I was the cool mom. (As if.) But now? I was lucky if our conversations were more than two sentences long before he escaped to his room. All I could think of was, “Is this how my whole summer is going to feel? How DO I do summer with a teenaged boy?”

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Thrilled to have this post featured there, and so grateful to all the Moms of boys who get the struggle. You can join us HERE.
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