Grin And Bear it. Maybe.

Although it feels like we’ve been dealing with this new normal for 8100 days, it’s only really been two weeks. So I want to ask, everybody hanging in or what?

I must admit, last week I was very gung ho. Here in Ontario, we were asked to do our part to battle this nasty world-wide virus. I had armed myself with that “let’s do life together” motto I’ve been sporting here on the blog with a side of hand sanitizer, and now this week?

I feel like God has decided to see if I’ll walk the talk.

Suddenly, all four of us were home in our tiny house and starting to cramp each other’s style. Everywhere you look, more information, more dire news, and more anxiety. The unknown following us around like the worst rainy-day cartoon cloud ever.

Wasn’t even sure if I could blog. So I didn’t. I didn’t want to feed into the whole Covid stream of conversation. And I didn’t want to post your typical how-to article on what I’ve learned during all of this. Or… maybe it is, though. Maybe it can’t actually be helped. Not that those are bad things.

But why was my brain going around in wicked spirals, when in the first week I had so much peace about it all?

So I took the last couple days to recalibrate. Much like our GPS when we get turned around (or decide the map must be wrong!), I could feel Him nudging me with a holy recalibration.

So I stopped, regrouped, and asked Him for simple direction.

Before I ended up writing my family out of my will, and started building my zombie apocolypse safe-room under my house.

Recalibrating Is Easier Than You Think

First, I became a little more intentional about surrounding myself with good things.

I piled some of my favorite books in my favorite cozy places. Some are full of photography, some with amazing writing, some entertaining.

Then I turned off all news outlet notifications. I decided too much information is just as bad for my head and my heart as too little. I might tune in early in the day, and then once more for a second late in the day but that’s all.

And I stopped scrolling through all the social media for now. I visit accounts that bring me life in some small way, and that’s all. Did you know you could train Instagram and FB to only feed you what you want to see?
By being intentional about what you’re following and liking, you inform it on a constant basis to give you more.

Here’s a few Instagram accounts that I never miss because they’re just so beautiful or fun or insightful. It’s where I am hanging out unless I’m checking in on my tribe.
For inspiring daily life.
For a dose of good words.
For creative inspiration.
And let’s not forget God’s Word.

Next, I made a playlist on Spotify specifically for when my day needs a boost in the worst way. When I need to fill my ears and heart with worship with some zip.

If you want to listen in, you can find my “Boosted” playlist on Spotify right here.

This isn’t exactly genius stuff here, but these were the first things I knew I could do to still all the voices and make more room for His.

Make Time To Get Into His Presence

I love to journal. So I started to take a scripture about peace, or His strength, and would isolate a key word and free-write about it for the last few days. No editing. Allowed my thoughts to go wherever. Whatever came to my heart, whatever I knew about it, other verses with the same word, what it meant in the original Greek or Hebrew.

By the end of the day, I would look back at it and see what about those words might have already held new meaning for me. I can’t tell you the way this one simple trick is sparking good discussion with my husband or friends, and between myself and my Savior.

The other thing I started doing was writing down the worries and fears I was carrying around, and then after giving them to Him in conversation, turning the page. Walking away.

Closing the book on them, literally.

In a new book I’m reading right now called Fight Your Fears by Kristen Wetherell, she explains how fear is actually a lack of focus on Him, we take our eyes off of the One we should be in awe of, and instead allow shock and awe to roll over us at everything else that surrounds us.

Since God has wonderfully revealed Himself to us through the Word, our exploration of fear must start and end by looking at Him, not ourselves.

Kristen Wetherell “Fight Your Fears”.

Not only is this book perfect for this wild season we’re in, but it reminded me of this truth. Of how small the biggest fears can shrink to when we allow ourselves to feel overwhelmed in His presence instead.

Ask For Peace. Then Make Peace.

I decided I need to accept that this is our situation right now.

And only God and religious hand washing can change it.
And He can, make no mistake. I instantly think of the scripture I love most in the world…

I will lift up my eyes to the high places-
From whence comes my help?
My help comes from the Lord,
The One who made heaven and earth!

Psalm 121 1:1-2 (emphasis mine)

So I draw peace from this promise, this declaration. And then I make peace with the current situation.

And let’s not kid ourselves, I’m here to tell you that it’s not easy. I have to do it through His grace, and patience, and strength.

But He is called Jehovah Jireh for a reason. He is our Provider. I tend to put that truth in a human-thinking box. Assuming tangible provisions (like extra toilet paper. I’m sorry, I HAD to!) but He’s the God of fixing us before fixing our circumstances.

So we go to stores with tape telling you to keep your distance, and we give people space, and we air-high-five before we snark at our loved ones. (again, honestly haven’t gotten that one down, the snark is is just SO ready, you know?)

And like Fred Flintstone murmuring “I love my mother-in-law” to calm himself down, we mumble, “This too shall pass. This too shall pass.”

Over and over. Then we lift thanks in the middle of the mess.

And grin and bear it for another day.


They say all good things must come to an end but my question is:
Who is “they”? And what do they know?
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