Sunday Morning

It’s my great pleasure to feature a dear friend and one of our own from the community here on the blog today! During a time when we need to connect more than ever, I hope your heart connects with her words, and your spirit with His as you read her guest post.

A Guest Post with Betty Cooper Pauls

There is so much I want to share with you. I read about the death and the resurrection of our Savior in all four of the gospels in two different versions this morning. I read the titles marked “The Death of the Savior”.

My mind is trying to wrap around all that took place in those few chapters, and also trying to put it into words.

It was on a quiet Sunday morning over 2000 years ago. Their Savior was crucified. The one who came to save them, the one who did miracle after miracle, the one who taught them so much and loved them incredibly was gone. 

What now? Where will they go from here? All hope is gone!

Their lives will not be the same without Him. Life seemingly cannot go on now without Him.

He was the one we had waited for, the one who was told about by the prophets of old. They told us a Savior would come. We were so sure it was Him.

He came, according to our reasoning, and was born in a manger. There were several confirmations that yes, this baby will be our King, our Savior! 

What now?  

It was quiet as they walked the streets where He walked with them, sharing all the Father had given Him to tell them. He taught them to pray and believe in a heavenly Father that was loving, kind, caring and trustworthy.
They thought He would be with them forever. 

Jesus cried out with a loud voice, “Father, I surrender my spirit into Your hands”. He took His last breath and died.

At that moment the veil in the Holy of Holies was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook violently, rocks were split apart! 

The Roman military witnessed what was happening and felt the powerful earthquake. They were extremely terrified! They said, “There is no doubt, this man was the Son of God!”  

Fast forward to today.

The streets are quiet. The whole earth is still. There is stillness around us like no other before. Fear wants to creep in, take over and cripple us. We may be crying out “Where are you, Lord?  Why have you forsaken us?”

Back to the tomb, where an angel appeared to the women who were at the grave site, mourning. They were breathless and terrified as the angel suddenly appeared and said to them, “There’s no reason to be afraid. I know you’re here looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is NOT here! He has risen victoriously!”

The good news is Our Savior is alive!

He has conquered death and sin. His stripes have healed our bodies. We are in right standing with God our Father. We have been forgiven. We can boldly come to Him with all of our requests and prayers, for He is the risen Savior. He is waiting and listening to hear your voice!

Our risen Savior has a plan, right now, at this time! He has not forgotten nor abandoned us. He knows exactly what is happening and He is in charge.  

The enemy thought he had won that day over 2000 years ago when our Lord gave His last breath.

But the enemy didn’t win then, and has not won now.

This story 2000 years ago, as it was all happening to his followers?
They did not know how it would end exactly, much like us now.

But if it is anything like the ending of the Easter story, I can only imagine!
Or maybe I cannot!  I know for sure, He is a loving, kind, caring and faithful friend. I know He loves me and you like we have never been loved or could be loved on this earth. There is an end to this story we are in and it will be victorious just like 2000 years ago.

Let’s look up to the One who came, died and rose again. Let’s put our faith and trust in His words and not the words of the world. Let’s praise and worship the King!  

I pray for you today, friend.

I pray that His peace will hover over you.

I pray that you will not settle for less than He died for you to have.

He paid it all for us. This is a love beyond my comprehension, but it is real. His word says so and His death proves it! 

Let us lift our heads, shoulders back, for we belong to the risen Lord and Savior and He is ‘victorious!

I hope you were as encouraged as I was reading Betty’s words on this Easter Monday. Jesus’ followers thought all hope had been abaondoned. I know many of us feel this way now in this wildly unfamiliar season we’re still coping with.

But we truly can take heart! He has overcome.

And His victory then is still our victory now! Amen?!

If you’d like to read more of Betty’s good words or get to know more of her own story, you can always find her here at her blog Lost Now Found!
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