Downpour – A Review!

Today is a pretty important day! If you ask me, a celebration is desperately needed around here. Once again, God’s timing overwhelms me, and causes me to lift thanks. My beautiful friend Cheyenne Hasty launches her 30 day devotional today called Downpour – Learning From Life’s Storms.

If ever we needed encouraging to navigate life’s storms, it’s now. Wouldn’t you agree? And ya’ll? Downpour will do just that.

Needless to say, I’m beyond thrilled to have a chance to share this new book with you. I met Cheyenne several years ago on the first launch team I ever ran, and am such a big fan of her family blog, and her heart for God. She deeply loves the Word and the world around her. You will not regret picking up this book and absorbing the heartfelt words within.

What Downpour Brings to Your Alone Time

Downpour is a devotional built upon the much-needed theme of finding purpose in the storm. Each day you are greeted with absolute truth and the victorious promises of God. And time and again it repeats the message that life’s trials are preparation for the great work He is completing. Filled with the proof that you have never been alone in the storm you currently face.

I have been using this devotional for the last month, and each time I opened to the next reading, I could hear Him whisper, “See, daughter, I’m still close by. I’m all you need.”

Some days brought quiet reflections that soothed my worries, and then other days I felt like I had the best mini sermon proclaimed from the page!

He is the water in your dry places.
He is the balm in your broken places.
He is your sustenance in the weary places.
He is your protector in the dark places.
He is your shelter in the stormy places.
He is your hope in the hopeless places.
He is with you!

Cheyenne Hasty~ Downpour ~ Learning From Life’s Storms

Page after page of this beautiful book encouraged me. And each one comes with a chance for personal reflection and prayer with sections called “Soaking It In”.

During the couse of the day, I often found myself considering the questions at the end of each page. Sometimes I would learn something about my faith, or my expectations. Then again, sometimes He would use them to remind me of His past faithfulness, or promises being kept already.

What You’ll Find Inside Downpour

This has possibly been the first devotional in a while that felt like it was asking me to pay attention. To go deep. But also asking to slow down enough to sit for a while, in the simple but important truths.

Looking at the daily readings, I could feel myself responding to some of the titles. Topics like:
A Purpose In the Storm
Embracing The Storm
Hope In The Hard Times
Did You Miss His Calling?

This is just to name a few but each day addresses life’s battles and the various ways we question God or the seasons we’re in. Or it invites you to settle into a reminder of His goodness when nothing seems clear.

There are seasons when God doesn’t show us the whole picture. He doesn’t light the entire walkway but only the next step. He doesn’t want us to run ahead of Him but instead learn to trust Him, even when we don’t understand.

Cheyenne Hasty ~ Downpour ~ Learning From Life’s Storms

This particular day’s reading especially spoke to my heart, reminding me that trust during life’s storms will always be a work-in-progress but His grace means He doesn’t count it against me. He works with me. And thank goodness for that! One step at a time, He leads us through.

So If You Need Some Shelter in the Storm…

This book review really has a special place in my heart. Especially with all of the ways the world is enduring the storm of the decade. I just know that God is going to use Cheyenne’s words and insight into His Word, to bring release.

If you are a young person in need of good promises in the Word and revelation that’s real, and easy to navigate, this is your next devotional.
Or perhaps you’re someone who, regardless of age, is flat out weary and needs respite? You’ll find encouragement within its pages.
Maybe you need one place where you can reconnect with the Word, and the stories within that will resonate with your stormy seasons. I can gladly recommend this devotional for all of the above!

As our author says in her foreword, storms do so many purposeful things. It’s all in how we see it. We might see downpours and torential rains, high waves, and rough winds. But look closer and you see the thorough soaking, the breaking down of what’s hindering, the washing away to make room for the restoration, and the gusts that bring space to breathe again.

Let’s find His purpose in our downpour.

Let’s learn from life’s storms.

If you’d like to learn more about Cheyenne Hasty and follow her on social media, I know she’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to purchase Downpour – Learning From Life’s Storms you can find it on Amazon and through her website here.


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