Fight Your Fears Review

I really believe God knew fear would be a prevalent topic at the very moment this book launched. And that He would use it to bring respite and hope when needed the most.

Fight Your Fears; Trusting God’s Character and Promises When You Are Afraid” was no coincidence. It landed on my doorstep just as the world seemed to go upside down. And I’ve been itching to talk about it.

Author Kristen Wetherell would have no way of knowing how her words, about how as believers we can actually replace fear with a holy trust, would be so needed these days. But He knew. When a book seems so overwhelming orchestrated for such a time as this, you sit up and pay attention.

I find myself wishing I could put a copy of this book in the hands of everyone I know. Simply because it will change how we view the purpose of fear in a world where fear seems to blanket everything.

So, clearly this book has affected me just within this last month. And I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll return to it over and over. Notes have been taken, paragraphs starred, faint pencil underlines where something gave me life. There is oh so many of those.

Here’s why….

Perspective Is So Important

When I opened up the book, the first thing I saw was the most beautiful interior page. Across a lovely blue watercolour it has the perfect reminder before you even get to the Table of Contents. It simply says, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in You.” Psalm 56:3

And then you are faced with three sections. And dividing up her book this way, Kristen Wetherell immediately gives you a map for this journey through the topic of fear, but with an important distinction.

Every section is based on Who God is, and not just what we might fear in the moment. This is a journey into looking at Who we can trust and why.

And how the Word will be the proof and the tool in the fight to take your focus off of fear and replace it with complete awe in the One who is faithful to save.

I have to admit, I got so excited when I saw that Fight Your Fears was all about the correct perspective.

Fear comes when we envision tomorrow’s circumstances apart from tomorrow’s grace. But trust deepens when we focus on God’s favor toward us today…

Kristen Wetherell ~ Fight Your Fears

The author takes you through the most foundational look at “The problem of fear”, “God who is worthy to be feared”, and lastly “God’s precious and very great promises.”

A healthy perspective feels like such a gift right now. Especially when we never know for sure if we can believe what we hear, or know what will be next. But the reminder that God is still sovereign over all and can be trusted is so very reassuring and speaks peace to our most wobbly faith.

Every Chapter Is A Chance to Reconnect

With every chapter, I found myself having deep communion with my Creator. The book is laid out in such a way that you feel like the Word is coming to life. And at the end of every chapter is a page titled, “Learning to Trust” to fascilitate holy and healing conversation.

It expertly circles you back to the main scripture of that chapter, and how to better absorb the truths you’ve just discovered. Through Ponder, Preserve, Prepare, and Pray, each highlight is a chance to reconnect with the awe He is due while each fear is quieted in His presence.

I love when a book creates space for this!

Something for Everyone

I’m a book nerd to the millionth degree. That’s just me. So in order to really recommend a book, I look close at whether it would appeal to a varied readership. For the person who loves all the info, to someone looking for inspiration. For the reader wanting personal accounts, to the person needing biblical truth.

And the truth is, this has something for every kind of reader. Whether you’ve never even understood what the big deal about being a believer is. Or if you’ve questioned where your faith has gone to lately. If your fears leave you feeling isolated. When fear seems much louder than it should.

This book is the most encouraging and insightful invitation to fight your fears.

I was delighted to find space at the back for all the note taking. And even more delighted when I discovered scripture memory cards from each chapter. Done in the lovely watercoloured patterns found throughout the book, they fit in your wallet or can be the perfect bookmarks covered in His promises to you.

A book that equips you with His most perfect equipping? Yes, please.

Trust in God doesn’t mean our fears vanish but that we know where to go with them.

Kristen Wetherell ~ Fight Your Fears

Like I have said many times already on this blog, I’m all about sharing all the good things out there with this wonderful community online.

And this book is definitely one of those very good things. I can’t recommend it enough.

Fight Your Fears; Trusting God’s Character and Promises When You Are Afraid should be your next read. Let’s fight our fears together.

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  1. I LOVED this book! I’ll be returning to it and recommending it over and over, too. It’s definitely God’s timing!

    1. We are #bookkindreds! I especially loved her backtrack to the beginnings of healthy fear being twisted into something unhealthy due to the fall of adam and eve! That was so insightful!

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